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About TRL

TRL is the global centre for innovation in transport and mobility. It provides world-leading research, technology and software solutions for surface transport modes and related markets of automotive, motorsport, insurance and energy.

Independent from government, industry and academia, TRL helps organisations create global transport systems that are safe, clean, affordable, liveable and efficient. Core areas of expertise include transport safety; vehicle engineering & simulation; investigations & major incident forensics; human factors & behavioural science; intelligent transport systems; infrastructure asset management; and sustainability & climate change.

Established in 1933 within the British Government as the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory, TRL was subsequently privatised in 1996. Today, TRL has more than 1,000 clients across 145 countries, driving positive societal and economic benefit worldwide.

More information can be found at www.trl.co.uk


About Verizon

The digital world promises consumers a better, more connected life, and we’re the ones delivering it. We make it possible for people to stay in touch and businesses to connect with their customers. We’re also bringing technology and hands-on learning opportunities directly to kids who need it most. Our goal is to inspire tomorrow’s creators to use technology to build brighter futures for themselves, their families and the world.

Visit: www.verizonenterprise.com


About Avatar

An independent brand, design and digital agency, delivering customer engagement through creative thinking and insightful data.

Utilising our unique and powerful marketing as a service solution CrowdPower is our unique solution dedicated to utilising multi-channel marketing methods to connect brands with their customers.

Working with leading brands is our business and our passion.

Visit: www.avatarcreative.co.uk

About GlassCubes

The easiest way to share files, manage projects and communicate with each other. All from a central, secure online workspace.

Glasscubes is a cloud-based collaboration platform used by enterprise and government. It provides an efficient way to collaborate, by storing and sharing information outside of your organisation’s firewall that’s secure, accurate and accessible from anywhere.

Visit: www.glasscubes.com

Tamp Coffee TedXReading

About Tamp Coffee

Serving smooth flat whites, rich lattes and chocolatey cappuccinos in Reading.

Since 2015 we have been collaborating with some amazing business and individuals alike to provide bespoke and exceptional specialty coffee experiences at many different events and venues. Whether it’s promoting the opening of a new building, the launch of a new product, treating hardworking employees, customers and clients, or celebrating marital nuptials. On building sites and office rooftops to festival fields and even a prison chapel we’ve brewed our coffee there. We are completely flexible and extremely adaptive.

Visit: tampculture.co

Shinfield Players Theatre - TEDxReading

About Shinfield Players Theatre

Shinfield players have been providing entertainment to the local community for 60 years. Producing high quality theatre since 1956.

Visit: Shinfield Players Theatre