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The oldest piece of the jigsaw

In a world where technology evolves with startling speed, one small but crucial component has failed to change at the same rate. Unless we acknowledge that this has repercussions in this fast changing environment we leave ourselves open to vulnerability. So, how do we bring the humble password kicking and screaming into the 21st century? We’ll look at the history of passwords, the neuropsychology of memory and come to some surprising conclusions.

Stuart Morris

Stuart is an avid entrepreneur, trainer of entrepreneurs, teacher and tech inventor. He has a passion to see people lifted out of poverty by building sustainable businesses and has been involved in highly successful entrepreneurship projects in Moldova, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Reading. He has been involved with tech inventions for groups such as police forces, military, hospitals, airports and many businesses since he was 14. He holds several patents in user identification and internet security. His desire to pass on what he has learned from his experiences led him to teach Entrepreneurship at Henley Business School and other universities in Europe. He also is a qualified paramotor pilot and self-confessed geek.