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Sleeping with your clients

What if clients and entrepreneurs could live together?
What if the relationship between clients and organisations can be expanded
into a solid social relationship?
And if yes, how do you scale it and make it possible on a local and global market?
In this talk, I will share with you businesses can start a co-working
house project where “the boss” can live with their employee and clients,
creating a positive and uplifting environment for them to thrive.
A place where boundaries between clients and organisation are expanded to the family level.

Simone Vincenzi

Simone Vincenzi’s purpose is to support individuals connecting with their unique purpose in life, grow successful conscious businesses so they can leave their legacy and make an impact in the world. Simone Vincenzi is the Co-founder of GTeX (Growing Together eXponentially Ltd.), an award-winning speaker, author, Life and Business Purpose expert.