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Sometimes, it’s OK to drop the F-bomb

Swearing isn’t all bad. From his own psychology research on swearing as a response to pain, to studies from further afield, Richard Stephens will present the numerous positive outcomes of swearing. This TEDx talk will make you think about swearing in a whole new light. Sometimes it’s OK to drop the F-bomb.

Richard Stephens TEDxReading2017


Richard Stephens

Dr Richard Stephens is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Keele University. Richard is Chair of the British Psychological Society Psychobiology Section and winner of several awards for science communication including the Wellcome Trust /Guardian Science Writing Prize 2014 and, in 2010, an Ig Nobel Prize for his research on swearing and pain. Richard’s first book “Black Sheep The Hidden Benefits of Being Bad” was published to critical acclaim and won the British Psychological Society Popular Science Book of the Year Award 2016.