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Born to fail

esempio opzioni binarie Why does demography equal destiny? Are children bound to fail if they are born into a ‘poor’ family? And most importantly, how do we break the link between Socio-economic background and outcomes in education and in life? Former Headteacher and Founder of Reading based Social Enterprise ‘Gap Education CIC’, Quentin brings a wealth of experience and insight plus some solutions to these questions. In just 2 years of operating, the work of Gap Education has impacted 100 of the most challenging families through schools from North Yorkshire to the West Country, and created around £5.6m of long-term savings with an operating budget of less than £90k. Instead of taking 30-50 years to close the gap, Quentin will suggest a way to do it in less than 10, bringing massive savings and social transformation for thousands of challenging families. The Theory of Change is simple; Value the Parents as primary stakeholders, build bridges of trust to help them re-engage and work through school relationship with a focus on the child to build greater well-being, resilience and aspiration in the home. The talk will use leading research in this field as well as personal stories and case studies to help the audience think about a new and better way of closing the achievement gap in the UK and bringing about an end to educational inequality.

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