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The psychology of Caricature

Award-winning caricature artist Paul Moyse delves into the psychology of why caricatures make us laugh or even cry. Paul looks into why and how a caricature can grab our attention, why we shouldn’t be scared of seeing our own, and why he has dedicated his life to drawing them.

Paul Moyse

Paul Moyse has been painting caricatures professionally for 10 years. He has painted for clients all over the world, including illusionist Derren Brown, magicians Penn and Teller and inventor Tim Jenison. He has also worked as a freelance humorous illustrator for the magazines The Weekly Standard and The Radio Times.
In 2012, Paul’s portrait of Derren Brown sitting in his home was accepted for exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The painting is now a part of Derren’s collection.
Paul is a passionate advocate for the art of caricature and even teaches the subject to online students worldwide. He has also written and illustrated two books based on his work and his drawing process.”