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The promise of vehicle automation – safer, easier, cleaner journeys for all

Automated road vehicles have been promised for a long time. Vehicle manufacturers and technology companies are now engaged in a competitively relevant arms race to deliver increasing levels of automation in road vehicles. With rare pictures from past present and future, this talk addresses why vehicle automation is critical to the future of transportation, describes some of the work that is being undertaken to enable automated vehicles to operate on our roads and explores why taking the driver out of the loop may create a whole new set of challenges.

Professor Nick Reed

Nick joined the Human Factors and Simulation group at TRL in January 2004 following post-doctoral work in visual perception at the University of Oxford and in 2014 became director TRL’s Academy co-ordinating scientific activities across the business. He has led a wide variety of research studies using the full mission, high fidelity car and truck simulators with a number of published articles, conference papers, and appearances in national and international media. Nick also championed work in the area of vehicle automation at TRL, culminating in technical leadership of the GATEway (Greenwich Automated Transport Environment) project – a flagship UK Government project to investigate the implications of the introduction of automated vehicles in the urban environment. In 2015, he was awarded a visiting professorship in the Engineering and Physical Sciences faculty at the University of Surrey.