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Why Nothing Really Matters

We live in a 24/7 digital culture and as a society we revel in being busy all the time. What if we could be more productive by doing a lot less? In this talk Michael Cordova looks at how floating and ‘doing nothing’ can help us to achieve more by doing a lot less.

Michael Cordova - TEDxReading 2017

Michael Cordova

Michael Cordova’s purpose is to make a positive contribution to humankind by providing the tools to improve physical and mental wellbeing, whilst creating a safe environment for personal growth. Michael is the founder and float facilitator at Floating Point Float Centre in Berkshire, an award-winning business that has helped over 1700 people in the last 2 years including many Team GB Rowers. He sees floating as an antidote to our 24/7 digital lives and a way to alter our engrained behaviours for a more positive life.