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Why now is the best time in history to be in marketing

Did false advertising ever make you distrust a company or its marketing, by association? If so, you’re not alone. Gina Balarin, a Senior Marketing Director, talks about why now – our era of authenticity – is the best time in history to be in marketing. A self-confessed doubter in the honesty of advertising from an early age, Gina shares how marketing has grown up to a point where she’s now proud to help customers get what they really want – because finally, marketers actually know what it is!

Gina Balarin

Gina Balarin is a passionate speaker, and an equally passionate marketer. She loves words, people, ideas and inspiring others to see the potential in their own lives and in the products or services that their companies sell. She’s been on stage since the age of 9, has been published extensively in the marketing world, and has spoken at round tables, on video, in case studies, on panel discussions and at events. She’s the Senior Marketing Director at OmPrompt and has always had a love/hate relationship with advertising.