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The no man’s land of young entrepreneurship

Society now is split up into the traditional and the unconventional approaches of norms, yet why can’t we enter this land in the middle? This talk will showcase the stiflingly effect of the system on young entrepreneurs, why young people should start businesses at a young age, and why business class should be deemed as a core subject. With personal anecdotes by talker, Ben Jordan, on his experiences with the business world from a young perspective it gives a fresh outlook on a large problem. Most of all, this talk highlights the key problems on the school system with business, and reveals the perks of creating a business as soon as you can.

Benedict Jordan

Ben is a young entrepreneur, full time student and business owner. He has a keen eye for opportunity in the business world, once having a small tuck shop at school when he was thirteen, to being an ambassador for a worldwide company at fourteen and then proceeding to own a business that works with the popular indie game Minecraft at fifteen. He’s passion is business at heart, however he’s also a keen poet, writer, and currently writing his first novel. Overall enthusiast for innovation, spreading ideas and opening opportunities, going from a sweet shop, at thirteen, to now doing his first TEDx talk, at sixteen.