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Revenge Porn: The Naked Truth

miglior robot per trading binario Having represented victims of revenge porn like Chrissy Chambers, Ann Olivarius is highly familiar with this new crime—and with the ways, we can stop it. Often when people hear about revenge porn cases, their gut reaction is: “Why would anyone send nude photos? They should have known this was coming!” Digital communications, however, are a fundamental part of modern communications. Instead of blaming victims, we need to find ways to reshape our culture to emphasise consent and sexual autonomy on the internet. Revenge porn is a modern form of sexual violence that aims to give men control over women’s bodies and images. It is a hate crime for the era of mass media and is enabled by an audience that finds pleasure in others’ shame. So, in addition to prosecuting individual perpetrators, we need to find ways to go after the distributors and spreaders of revenge porn content. Only by addressing the phenomenon as a whole can we make the internet a safer place.


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Dr Ann Olivarius

click here Dr Ann Olivarius graduated summa cum laude from Yale College. As a Rhodes Scholar, she wrote a prize-winning doctorate in Economics at Oxford University, before becoming the first person to complete degrees from both the Yale School of Management and Yale Law School, normally a five-year course, in three years, receiving highest honours. Dr Olivarius has managed complex legal matters for over 25 years, focusing particularly on women’s rights issues. She was deeply involved in litigating a landmark civil rights case, Alexander v. Yale, which for the first time found that sexual harassment within a university was illegal. While at Yale, Dr Olivarius also coined the term “date rape,” which has entered the general parlance. Her groundbreaking work was recognised by the Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund which presented her with the Martha Stewart Miller Legal Challenge Award in 1992. Since Alexander v Yale she has continued to break new ground and work on major cases in the area of discrimination and employment law. Nelson Mandela has described her as “a lawyer who has advised me well and who has courageously advanced the cause of justice, and improved life opportunities, for hundreds of millions of women, blacks and disadvantaged, worldwide.” In 2012 she was included by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on its list of the most influential people in the history of Title IX, the US anti-discrimination law. In addition to numerous charitable engagements, she is a senior partner at McAllister Olivarius, a law firm that fights for civil rights and equality.  

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