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Building an immune system for the cities of the future

The advent of smart cities is fast approaching. Connected devices interlaced into our daily lives promise to revolutionise the way we live, work and play together. With this change comes great possibility: as the cyber and physical worlds come together, the cities we live in will become complex and intelligent systems awash with data. As we collect and process this data, we will be able to unlock new ways to deal with the threats and challenges that cities and their citizens face. By taking inspiration from the way the human immune system deals with threats, can we tap into this data to build a digital “immune system” for the cities of the future? Can we make our cities self-aware, and self- defending against pernicious threats?



Andrew Tsonchev

Andrew Tsonchev is the Director of Cyber Analysis at Darktrace. He is a technical specialist in cyber security and threat analysis, advising Fortune 500 companies on leveraging machine learning and AI technologies for advanced threat detection and autonomous response. He holds a first-class degree in physics from Oxford University and a first-class degree in philosophy from King’s College London.